• Efficient Tracking Of Projects

    Simplify the process of planning, recording and billing of your projects.

  • Complete Track-To-Bill Offering

    Manage your projects from start to finish, all in one integrated service.

  • Helps Increase Your Revenue

    timePO empowers you to spend more time on projects, reducing your admin work.

  • Free Add-On Mobile Gadgets

    Extra iPhone and Android apps, especially practical for the business travelers.

Easy to start process

Sign upSign up for timePO in under a minute. When you make the transition from the free trial, then most of the information is auto-completed. You instantly receive the confirmation and login data per email and you are ready to use timePO!You don’t need to do any additional investments of time and energy for installation, maintenance, training or hardware.

Help wizardAfter you sign in, you will get guidance from the integrated help wizard. The help wizard has on/off function, to help you only when you require it.

Quick Time Recording

Easy and quick time trackingEasy and quick time tracking, with just a few clicks. You will now save time for the actual work on your projects. Your staff won’t waste time at the end of the month and will track more accurately, instantly, the time for each task. Enter time & make a comment about the task in seconds.

Mobile time trackingAre you on the road? Meeting with clients? On business trips around the world? Just use the mobile timePO app to quickly record your time spent on each task.

Working hours accountYou shouldn’t have to spend time to calculate how many hours you worked in a week/month or how many holidays you still can take. Get a live compact view of all this info every time you log in.


billing formAs timePO offers you a complete tracking-to-billing service, now you can truly manage your projects from start to finish. With timePO Billing you can create invoices directly from the securely recorded information. Now you don’t have to switch between programs anymore, to export and import again the data into a separate billing system. Create your invoices, convert them to PDF form, print or send them per email directly to clients.

billing preview ready to printYou can easily create an invoice by selecting your client. In that moment all the related client projects are available and the invoice can be produced by entering your company related billing information and by clicking the generate button.

Project Management

Clear project snapshotYou can see with a clear snapshot all the projects you are managing, including the completed or past projects. The system works on a hierarchical role concept, thus every Project Manager has access only to their assigned projects. This ensures security & confidentiality for all your projects.

Easy project editingWith just a click you can edit the parameters of each project directly from the page, or add new tasks to an existing project or sub-project.

Quick Project status overviewVisually easy to notice, with the help of colours which projects are completed (full coloured bar) and for which your project members still need to work.

Extensive Reporting

With the timePO Reporting feature, you can generate virtually any type of report you need, to track the performance of your business.

Report templatesWe know that some types of reports are repeatedly used in a typical project management business, such as Time Sheets. Thus, we have already created the Templates for you for several such cases. When they fit your need, simply generate them and you’ve got a Report! Or you can modify the given template to make minor adjustments.

Drag & drop functionalityIf you want to choose the elements of the report yourself, we have created the easy-to-use drag-and-drop function. You decide what type of report it is and how much information you require in it. You can have the report as general as you’d like, or as detailed as you need.

direct print previewYou can see the generated reports, such as time sheets or project status reports directly on the application page, with detailed data, for a clear overview…

Save report in pdf…Or, you can convert the Report as PDF, in case you need to show it to your clients, or take it with you on a business trip.

Administration & Settings

Functional administrator panelThe administration panel is accessible only to the administrator of your company. The administrator will have an overview of all the clients and projects recorded in timePO, and of all the users registered and collaborating in the respective projects.

Expected working hoursThe administrator determines all the working parameters for each user, such as expected weekly hours, number of holidays, roles in different projects and other reporting privileges. This way security is ensured at the company level.

Licenses overviewThe administrator has also the privilege of monitoring the timePO licenses, having access to all the financial data as well. The administrator can easily renew the licenses or buy a different package directly from the Administration panel.

Company settings customizationIn the settings panel, the administrator has a complete overview of the projects structure of the company, and can make necessary adjustments.

manualuser’s manual

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How much does your lost time cost you?

Insert the corresponding figures to find out how much money your company is losing while tracking and supervising time spent on projects.

Your lost time could be costing you up to per year.
(based on a 5-day work week and 50 work weeks per year)

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