• Efficient Tracking Of Projects

    Simplify the process of planning, recording and billing of your projects.

  • Complete Track-To-Bill Offering

    Manage your projects from start to finish, all in one integrated service.

  • Helps Increase Your Revenue

    timePO empowers you to spend more time on projects, reducing your admin work.

  • Free Add-On Mobile Gadgets

    Extra iPhone and Android apps, especially practical for the business travelers.

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How to Manage Multiple Projects in Your Portfolio?

In most businesses, the project managers need to handle a bigger number of projects than they have resources for. The team, their competences, and especially funding are always limited for a growing list of projects. The way the project managers … Continue reading

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Official Announcement of upgraded timePO application

INSONO is announcing today the major release of the updated and newly improved time and project management software, timePO. One of the key improvements is the more convenient pricing model. All freelancers and small business owners can now benefit from … Continue reading

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Time-tracking: 3 benefits for your business

It seems better and more attractive not to track every minute of your work, not to get paranoid in minute-counting. It seems even more productive to lose yourself in work, to find that state of flow, which you definitely don’t … Continue reading

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Time management in the age of social media

Social media has been for the last few years the new “cool kid in town”. Everyone is talking about it, from personal to corporate users. And practically everyone has jumped on the social media bandwagon, mostly because all friends and … Continue reading

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Coming soon! timePO brand new FREE package and improved mobile app

With the timePO software, our mission is to empower you to work more effectively, so you can improve your productivity. You have a lot to work on already; registering the time worked on each of your projects should not be … Continue reading

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One way to make more profit: take care of your staff

The economic crisis has taken over the minds of managers, making them think only of reducing spending and cutting personnel. Motivation of the employees is a luxury no one can afford nowadays. Yet, everyone wants profits and getting out of … Continue reading

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How to spend your summer at work effectively

Summer is here, and with it comes the slower time at the office. The phone doesn’t ring off its hook anymore; the buzz of the new email in your inbox gets heard less often. If you’re not on vacation already, … Continue reading

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Multi-tasking vs. single-tasking

Although multi-tasking is a much-appreciated ability to have nowadays, with women being considered privileged for their higher capability of it, performing more tasks in the same time is not effective for our productivity. Not only it doesn’t help one win … Continue reading

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5 ways to make your day more productive

Today’s business climate seems to be overwhelmed by technological innovation and information overload, making it harder and harder to focus and get things done. Productivity is necessary not only to make sure the business stays afloat, but also to give … Continue reading

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timePO mobile and its bright new Features!!!

Great News!!! New Year and timePO mobile has a new look ready to welcome 2012! timePO mobile has a new version and great new handful features in order to manage your time easier and to enjoy every task of your … Continue reading

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