• Efficient Tracking Of Projects

    Simplify the process of planning, recording and billing of your projects.

  • Complete Track-To-Bill Offering

    Manage your projects from start to finish, all in one integrated service.

  • Helps Increase Your Revenue

    timePO empowers you to spend more time on projects, reducing your admin work.

  • Free Add-On Mobile Gadgets

    Extra iPhone and Android apps, especially practical for the business travelers.


Documentation Support

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Email Support

We aimed to make timePO easy and intuitive for you, and we coupled that with our integrated Help Wizard, which will probably clear all your questions. But, in case you run into some problems not specified there, we are here to gladly help you. You can email us with any problem and one of our customer support representatives will answer to you within 24 hours. Guaranteed!

Please contact us via email: support(at)timePO.com.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is timePO?

timePO is a complete tracking-to-billing time management service, which helps employees to better and faster track their work spent on projects, and also to generate reports and invoices for their clients.

For whom is timePO suitable?

timePO is specially designed for small and medium sized companies, working on billable projects. Companies with international business and cross border activities will also benefit from using timePO, as it offers integrated services in several languages and for several financial systems of billing.

How much does timePO cost?

Please check our Pricing page to see the whole price list and options for purchase. The timePO application has a competitive monthly price for use, and is also coupled with discounts for longer term purchase. The mobile add-ons, which help users with mobility benefits, are free of charge, and they can be used to complement the timePO application.

How do I sign up for timePO?

You can sign up for timePO directly from our website, in less than a minute. You are automatically offered a 30-day free trial. After sign up, you can start using timePO directly; there is no need of further installations, hardware or software.

Do I have to provide credit card information for the 30-day free trial?

No. You do not have to provide any credit card information for a free trial. You simply give us your name and email address, and you are ready to start trying timePO.

Does the 30-day free trial oblige me to purchase the service?

No. The 30-day free trial does not oblige you to purchase timePO. You will be notified per email when the trial is coming close to its end. It is only up to you if you choose to purchase a timePO package after the free trial or not.

What if I want to switch packages bought?

timePO is structured in packages of a fixed number of licenses. You have the option to buy more packages concurrently, and for different time periods, but you cannot modify a purchased package. Please see the options on our Pricing page: pricing

How do I cancel my timePO account?

Only as company administrator you can delete accounts from timePO in the Administration panel. If you want to delete a user, simply select it and modify the parameters. If you want to cancel the entire timePO service, please check the Licenses tab.


How do I change my password?

Once you are logged in timePO, click on ‘My timePO’ tab and change your password from there. If you are trying to log in and you cannot remember your password anymore, click on ‘Forgot your password?’ link and a new password will be automatically sent to your email.

I’m having troubles logging in, what do I do?

If you cannot remember your password, please click on “forgot password?” and you will receive a new one per email. If you know your password but you still cannot login, please contact your company administrator.

I made a mistake entering time, can I change that?

Yes, you can change the details of an entry for a task you worked on. Simply click on “edit” next to the task to modify it, or if you want to completely delete it, click “delete”.

I cannot see all my tasks, what do I do?

If you cannot see your assigned tasks, it’s best to contact your Project Manager for the specific related tasks. A Project Manager can enable or disable the tasks, and this may affect your view in the application.

I know a Project has more tasks, why don’t I see them all?

If you are not the Project Manager of the respective project, you can only see the tasks assigned to you, and not all tasks of the project. For security and confidentiality reasons, only the Project Manager has access to all tasks of a project.

How do I create a Report?

On the Reporting section, you can create completely customized reports, or you can choose from the already given templates to generate your reports. You generally can create reports from data available to you.

If you are Project Member in one or more projects, you will only see your assigned sub-projects and tasks and can create reports and time sheets from those.

If you are Project Manager of one or more projects, you can create reports with overviews about all your subordinate project members.

Who can create Projects?

Only the company administrator can create Projects and immediately assign them to a Project Manager. Then, the Project Manager sets the details for each project, creates Sub-Projects and Tasks and assigns them to various users.


For which mobile clients is timePO available?

timePO has developed mobile applications for iPhone and Android, compatible with latest versions. We are also working to provide you applications for more mobile clients.

Where can I download timePO on my phone?

You can find a link to the timePO mobile application directly on our website; or you can check the Apple AppStore and the Android Market and search for timePO.

How do I configure timePO on my phone?

Once you have downloaded the app on your phone, you are ready to start using it. You don’t need to make any further configurations, if you have all the settings made in the web application. Your settings from the web application are maintained on the mobile app.


What do I need to install in order to use timePO?

In order to use the timePO application you only need a web browser and an account. There is no additional installation to be done, maintenance, training or hardware.

In order to use timePO mobile, you just need to download the application on your phone and login with your browser application info.


Is my data secured?

Yes! We host your data in certified professional data centers with secure access, safe clustering, backup, and SSL encrypted data transfer.

We appreciate that you trust us with your confidential project information. Thus, in return, we respect your data and we treat it with the highest importance.

We never sell any data we receive from any client; we do not publish it on any other platforms nor do we share it with anyone.

Is my data backed up in case of emergency or system failure?

Yes! The entire database is fully backed up, so you will be able to access it even in case of system failure.


For more information, specific for using the application, please see our integrated Wizard, which provides hints about various features. You can also browse through our User Manual for detailed information about each feature.

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