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Time-tracking: 3 benefits for your business

It seems better and more attractive not to track every minute of your work, not to get paranoid in minute-counting. It seems even more productive to lose yourself in work, to find that state of flow, which you definitely don’t find by constantly being interrupted to count and track the minutes. Right?

Well, we beg to disagree.

time tracking

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Time tracking not only can be done fast and easily, but it is a great resource to analyze and improve your future projects. Of course you can decide by yourself when you track the time worked for each project, if it’s right after an individual task, or at the end of the day, for all cumulated tasks. But tracking will help you greatly, if done right.

Here are 3 ways why it’s important to track your time:

1 – Better team organization

In your role as Project Manager, you can study your team members’ performance and place them in tasks where they do better. You will not only be able to praise the most productive ones, but also be capable of organizing your resources in a more efficient way.

2 – Stick to delivery targets easier

Clients want work to be done on time. They don’t care that it took you more than you estimated, or that you needed to employ more resources. And if possible, they’d like the work done before the deadline. By tracking your team’s time, and checking the progress periodically, you can get help before the deadline, and be sure to finish the project in due time. If you deliver the work when promised, clients will appreciate it and possibly come back.

3 – You will estimate projects with improved accuracy

Regularly tracking your time in projects will offer you information to analyze and have as proof of project duration. As a consequence, you will know better where you spent your time, and you will be able to charge more accurately for the following projects. Time spent unknowingly on a project means direct financial loss.

Do you see the benefits of tracking time worked on projects? Are you using this system within your company?

Written by: Monica Nastase.
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