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Time management in the age of social media

Social media has been for the last few years the new “cool kid in town”. Everyone is talking about it, from personal to corporate users. And practically everyone has jumped on the social media bandwagon, mostly because all friends and competitors are using it. But how to manage the less and less time we’ve got at the office while still being present on the social platforms? And how to separate the personal use of social media, from its professional use?

It’s quite difficult to separate the personal from the professional practice, due to the “invasion” of social media in all spaces of our life. It is present in our personal moments, on our holiday trips, in the office, during the building stages of our product, for the promotion stage and in conversations with our public. Because social media is so pervasive, it can be tricky to separate the uses. One way would be to understand that there are different types of social media consumption for private reasons, and for business reasons.

Social media for business should be part of the communications plan of a company or professional. The various social platforms need to be treated as tools for disseminating information and having business-related conversations. So, one key concept for using social media for business and still managing your time efficiently is to impose discipline. You need to create a plan with objectives to reach, take the actions and lastly, measure the results.

Social media has been treated way too often as a consumption tool: reading and processing of material from the endless stream of information. This can be dangerous, as we can enter such a loop for hours and hours. And this is the reason many professionals complain it takes too much of their time.

But if you use social media for your business according to a clearly defined plan, and interact with your public for a self-imposed limited period, you will find that you will manage your time better. An important last step is also to measure your efforts: the impact of your posts, the engagement the readers show, the sharing rate. By doing this, not only will you be more and more effective on your social media strategy, but you will also perceive better that it is a planned, finite action, part of your company’s communication strategy. Not just endless browsing and scrolling, losing valuable time.

How do you plan the social media activities in a timely manner? Do you feel like you’re spending too much time with social media, for your business?

Written by: Monica Nastase.
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