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One way to make more profit: take care of your staff

The economic crisis has taken over the minds of managers, making them think only of reducing spending and cutting personnel. Motivation of the employees is a luxury no one can afford nowadays. Yet, everyone wants profits and getting out of the economic rut.

Employee motivation is directly related to better business, despite that most managers don’t realize it.

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Too many executives think nowadays that employees should be thankful they’ve got a job and a salary at the end of the month. But actually, – surprise! -, employees don’t work (only) for the money. They work for the professional satisfaction of having created something, for the appreciation of peers and supervisors, and for a fair recompense for their effort.

To think it’s all about the money is to lose sight of two thirds of the matter. When a couple of monthly paychecks have arrived and have balanced the employees’ finances, all too many lose interest in the work, unless they are further driven.

Sure, fair wages are crucial, in order to make the employee feel esteemed. After all, the relationship between employer and employee is an exchange, of expertise for cash. Pay your employees too little and they won’t feel valued, reluctant to put in an extra 5 minutes. Pay them too much, and they will tend to overestimate their worth and attract surrounding envy. Pay your employees as much so they don’t think about the salary, and concentrate on the actual work.

However, only a fair income won’t guarantee maximum productivity. People need to have goals to be motivated every day. Slightly higher than their comfort-zone tasks, they need to have challenges and clear milestones to literally feel periodic tangible achievements. Praise and incentives is also a crucial part of the process. The financial hardships may not permit monetary incentives, but even public recognition and a simple “thank you”, or a paid lunch, do wonders for your employees continued enthusiasm.

A third way to motivate employees is to periodically include them at the decision making table. When involved, people get more emotionally engaged and concerned with the success of the project. Your business becomes more than just their workplace. Hearing their voice gives them recognition for the value they can add, and connects them deeper with the project. Emotional connection with what you do on a daily basis is vital for involvement and motivation. Like this, you not only have staff who gives more, but you also have a team of professionals contributing to something higher than their lives. That is, your business.

So, to improve productivity, managers need to understand that employees are the most precious asset of the company, who can directly contribute to making more profit. Employees don’t owe anything to business owners; it should be a fair trade between the 2 parties. Start giving the employees the value and voice they deserve and they will literally push your company forward.

Productivity is about emotional involvement in the project, and higher-than-oneself interest to bring it forward.

Written by: Monica Nastase.
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