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How to spend your summer at work effectively

Summer is here, and with it comes the slower time at the office. The phone doesn’t ring off its hook anymore; the buzz of the new email in your inbox gets heard less often. If you’re not on vacation already, the hours at the office seem to pass slower. The majority of projects are about to finish, and you’re waiting for the summer break to pass for clients to respond to calls again.

If you’re on duty at the office during this period, you have an opportunity to use the time in a productive way that can help you after the break. Sure, it can seem like a good moment to occupy ourselves with all those tasks for which we didn’t have time during busy days. Like do the cleaning of desk drawers, of email inbox clutter, or rearrange the business cards by color. But this is a trap we get into. We have the impression we are working and being efficient, when we are actually wasting time.

One useful way to get busy while times are slow is to look back.

We can now take the time to think about past projects and their results, analyzing our effectiveness and weak parts. If you are using a project management tool, track the hours worked for each phase. See where you lagged and where you were most efficient. Think about where you excelled and where you need to improve your method. Communication is an important aspect. Check back your emails and spot the clarity (or lack of it) of your presentations.

In today’s fast paced, novelty-driven life, we are every day looking forward for tomorrow. We are in constant search for new. New gadgets, new ideas, new projects. We rarely stop and look back. In fact, most of the popular literature says “never look back”. Well, this may not be so efficient for project management. Looking back will offer you some insight on how to be better tomorrow. Looking back means learning from experience. You go back to your projects, to how you served the client, and you evaluate your effectiveness and the outcome. If you take the time to learn from your own experience, you can perform better in the future. As they say, “to know your future, you must know your past”.

So, one thing to do this summer, while the workload gets easier, is review and analyze your past projects and try to find solutions for your weaker points. Like this, you won’t waste time with insignificant tasks, like rearranging those client folders, and you’ll come out of the summer slouch with new insights. You’ll tackle the upcoming projects more effectively.

Written by: Monica Nastase.
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