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5 ways to make your day more productive

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Today’s business climate seems to be overwhelmed by technological innovation and information overload, making it harder and harder to focus and get things done.

Productivity is necessary not only to make sure the business stays afloat, but also to give you a real feeling of achievement and a sense of well-deserved self-pride at the end of the day.

Productivity can be boosted up in many ways, but let’s focus on 5 that we consider important:

  1. Say ‘no’ to distractions. They seem to be multiplying by the day, with probably the top being the social media plethora of websites, where you can endlessly lose yourself in bits of information. Add to that the phone, the constantly-on email, the messenger apps, the visits to your office… Shut them all off for a while: turn off the web notifications, close the door to your office, silent your phone and your productivity will raise.

  3. Hardest task first. This can be a challenging one, as we tend to procrastinate and push it for later, and later. But just starting on the hardest task in your daily schedule, and pushing yourself to finish it, will give you new energy and self-confidence to tackle the other (less difficult) tasks as well. Not to mention, you will have done your hardest work by noon! The rest of the day will be a breeze.

  5. Limit the meetings. Every time you go into a meeting you should have a clear agenda of discussion points, and a projected ending time. Certainly you have seen managers scheduling loads of meetings that make them seem busy, as if moving the projects forward. But, how many times did you get out of an endless meeting with the exact same insight as before joining it?!

  7. Track your time. To have control over your time and have a chance at improving your productivity, you need to know how you spend it, what are the trends as the hours go by. Identify how long it takes you to complete a task, and which are your typical inefficient moments during the day. You can track your time with or without a tool, but do get to know your behavior and assess how (and if) to improve your efficiency.

  9. Stop working. Work is an endless process. You cannot finish everything today; why would you be coming in to work tomorrow then? Put time limits to your work: start at the right time, and stop at the needed time. Don’t work more than 8-9 hours per day. You have the impression that you work more, but with your productivity going down, you’re actually not accomplishing much. Stopping to work on time today will bring you more productivity tomorrow.

What other tricks for boosting productivity do you use?

Written by Monica Nastase.
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